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      Shenzhen chong xinThe instrumentCo., LTD is a professional engaged in test equipment of high-tech enterprises。The company mainly produces、Design and sales of electrical and electronic product performance test equipment!
Main products are as follows:
  1、Material combustion test equipment:The glow wire tester、Tracking test instrument、Needle flame test instrument、Horizontal vertical burning test instrument、Single cable vertical burning test instrument, etc;
  2、Performance and reliability test equipment electrical accessories:Spring impact hammer,Standard test pointer pin、Refers to the test curves、ULRefers to the test、Test nails、Test points to、Test bar、The probe,The ball pressure test instrument、Creepage distance test card, etc;
  3、Electrical appliances product safety performance testing equipment:Withstand voltage tester、Leakage current tester、Grounding resistance tester、Insulation resistance tester、Electrical comprehensive performance tester and so on。
  4、Lamps and lanterns of gauge and performance testing equipment:E26、E27、E40、E14、E39、E12、B15Lamp holder、Lamp holder gauge,B22、B22D、G5、G13Gauge and special lamp holder gauge...
  5、Plug socket type gauge and related testing equipment:GB1002-2008、GB1003-2008Plug、Plug gauge,BS1363-1-2-3、BS4573、BS546、EN60309、EN50075-1990、UL DINVDE0620-1(VDE0620-1)IEC60320,GB20021...
  The company advocates“Specification、Professional、High quality、High speed”The enterprise culture,Always bear in mind that the customer service satisfaction is the core of our pursuit of goals。We elaborate each product,Make it a high-quality goods;Take every order seriously,To ensure rapid delivery of the goods;Have the courage to face every request,To meet special needs;Treat every customer loyalty,Provide satisfactory service。By the good faith for the foundation,For quality guarantee,With technology as the guide,Welcomes its visitors,Friends - cross the world。Mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit with the customers、Common development is our business principle
  Company with“Quality*,Customer first“As the enterprise spirit encouraged unity of all employees,Strive for perfection。Harmony consistent professionalism and quality,To take the quality as this,With the concept of service slowly,As always, for new and old customers,To provide*Professional products and services。
  Our mission:
          Provide technical exceed customer expectations,Products and services。
 Our goal:
           As the country*Test equipment manufacturers。

League Department People:Mr Wu

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The main products:IPTry the protection grade,Spring impact hammer,Lamp holder gauge,Plug gauge socket,The glow wire tester、Tracking test instrument、Needle flame test instrument、Horizontal vertical burning test instrument,IPWaterproof test equipment,Temperature rise test,The wind cap。

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