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Drunk sweet garden food training there are several teacher teaching training all the year round,Each project,By the students of their choice,Professional teacher teaching,Combining theory and practice,Teacher demonstrate,Students hands-on practice,Each step,Detailed teaching,Each species,Practice again and again,直到让学员踏实掌握每个技术的诀窍,The point of each step,To make myself qualified and delicious snacks。 Other snacks don't league in drunk sweet garden,For technical training fees,Don't control the core formulation and key technology!

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  Welcome to the drunk sweet garden snack training,Seeing is believing,Field trip!Drunk sweet garden snack training scale,Strength,The service is good,Skilled,On-site training,Taste authentic,Simulated store practices,Andy to live in,Unlimited time to package the church,Increases with the increasing to learn,Welcome you to learn drunk sweet garden site inspection!

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The ground  The address:Henan province Xinxiang Hongqi district New flyer avenue and xiangyang road to the north180M Flow velocity Cargo center Road east

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1.Out of the station exit Take in xinxiang railway station square5Lk 6Lk 7Lk A bus to the East bus station Out of the car that is

2.Xinxiang bus station at the door 7Lk A bus to the East bus station Out of the car that is

3.Xinxiang Gao Tiedong standing on191Lk  56To the road East bus station Out of the car that is

4.To make an appointment in advance,Car pick up for free。