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    Guangzhou TianMao information systems co., LTD(简称“TianMao information”)Is focused on the private network security products research and development and technological innovation of high-tech enterprises,In2016Years10Successfully listed on the new three board(Stock code:839195),And in2017InIDCChina's big data security innovators。

    As a leader in the field of domestic private network security segment,TianMao information will beUEBACombined with the actual situation of China's private network security,Take the lead in put forward“EBAApplied in the private network security”The ideas and success in many industries,In order to TianMao network data intelligent analysis engine—TINDAE On the basis of,Combination of machine learning and data technology,Network behavior for safety analysis of the private network entities,Fast、To accurately identify and locate security incidents and threats,Guarantee the safe operation of the private network。




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