Deyang big data industry pioneer

The big data industry leader

Push the data become

The government and enterprise is the most important assets

Government data

The integration of sharing and application services

Wisdom city big data is committed to the government data assets operation,Will integrate deyang area data resources at all levels of the government,Through constructing across departments、Cross-industry data integration and sharing platform,The government big data application service platform, etc。The implementation of government internal cross-sectoral integration sharing data,Explore to establish large application data scenarios based on different government departments,Decision-making and management to provide strong support for the government;To assist the government public service and people's livelihood data,To explore the marketization of government affairs public data applications。

Big data solutions

Consulting services

Wisdom city big data on solid data assets operating experience,Commitment to the government、Companies to provide professional big data solutions consulting services,Cover the government、The top-level design departments and enterprises of large data、Big data platform solutions、Big data scenarios application design、Big data assets transaction, etc。

Enterprise data

The whole industrial chain planning、Design and application services

Wisdom city big data in large data chain planning of the local industry leader、Design and application,Through constructing big data within the enterprise application service platform,Provide opportunities for the development of deyang area big data industry,Promoting the development of large data industry,Make big data industry cluster。