Free entrance examinationMBAAdvantage

    Don't need to take part in the entrance examination of domestic

    Don't have to study all night

    A variety ofMBAWhichever you want

    The length is short

    Free entrance examinationMBAThe length is short

    Easy entrance conditions

    Free entrance examinationMBAEasy entrance conditions

    Accumulation of high quality contacts

    embaDouble card free entrance examination accumulation high quality contacts

    MBAOn-the-job free entrance examination for registration

    InternationalmbaFamous universities,Global recognition,Low tuition fees,2Repair the globally recognised internationalmbaDegree,「Free entrance examination」College graduate or above can be read,Free classes,Bilingual teaching,Enjoy the internationalization course,To cultivate international talents!

    InternationalMBARegistration form

    Professional form each have different characteristics,In addition to the online registration,Registration form and the other three:
    1.Telephone registration,The students can through the admissions,Contact the corresponding professional head for applications
    2.Email for registration,The students can through the admissions mailbox,Will send their email for registration
    3.Sign up to the training center,The students directly to the school district,Find the corresponding professional registration area,To sign up。  

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