The main Texas reasonable Texas cui ji food co., LTD,Began in the qing dynasty,In the republic of China,In today's,Is famous in the history of Chinese and foreign manufacturer,Leisurely in the spring and autumn of three hundred,After a dozen generations reasonable artists hard business development,Has the become a unique place for Chinese food,Is famous all over the world,Is known as“The shenzhou a strange”“The first chicken”。AD1702Years,Kangxi emperor of southern China in Texas,Staying at the youth teacher Tian Wen old man mountain ginger random house,Tasted the Texas spiced to take off the bone is reasonable,Much yue,From then on,Texas reasonable for court as a tribute,Qianlong,Texas reasonable artists were called into the palace kitchens,After waiting for the emperor,Officials,Texas reasonable since then becomes famous。
Dezhou cui reasonable of shops:Is one of the ancestral authentic dezhou only one hundred years old,Has a long history,Reasonable, Texas to the produce and development made outstanding contributions,With high reputation,Is called“A reasonable family”。[Described in detail...]
      Ji cui reasonable in dezhou city has a good reputation and high credibility,In Texas is a household name。Is known as“A reasonable family”One of the founders of Texas reasonable of the original"DE shun zhai”The shopkeeper Cui Jin lu,At the turn of the century on the basis of the traditional reasonable craft bold innovations, Established,“Cui reasonable”Pure taste,Color and excellent,Texas ji cui reasonable can enduring,One of the reasons is very strict on the material。Texas reasonable industry widely circulated the phrase:“Raw material is the foundation,Production and processing is the guarantee。”Make reasonable use of MAO chicken must be fresh and healthy,And transport in the process of extrusion die abandoned in the must。The second reason is very fine craftsmanship。[Described in detail...] 
      Investment profit platform quickly and efficiently:Only reasonable benefit analysis table:(In cities, for example)
A、National market all the year round average white chicken4.5/Jin
2、For white chicken out reasonable rate75/100
3、Two jins of white chicken out reasonable1.5Jin
Four、Every chicken consumption0.1Yuan,The rent、The electricity and water0.1Yuan,Artificial cost0.25Yuan,Other fees0.2Yuan(Industrial and commercial,Tax, etc)
Five、Dezhou reasonable prices13.80Yuan/Jin
Six、Every chicken sale price:1.5Jin*13.8/Jin=20.7Yuan/Only
The cost:9Yuan+0.1Yuan+0.25Yuan+0.25Yuan+0.2Yuan=9.8Yuan/Only
Every chicken profits:20.7Yuan-9.8Yuan=10.9Yuan/Only
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1、Brand support:Cui reasonable is the ancestral authentic finalists in Texas,A household name in Texas,Is known as"A reasonable family"."Cui to remember"By the state trademark office trademark registration,The company the mature market operation,Has now become the brand of the general consumers to know and love,Companies put a lot of money for the promotion of the brand each year,In order to keep the franchisees、Sharing chain brand advantage。[Described in detail...]
The national advisory telephone free of charge:400-660-0534A mobile phone:13053458088
Head office address:Dezhou city, the liberation of north road and northwest university west road crossing(Gear works)Seven color business hotel in the west
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