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Mixing pump/An on-board mixing pump

Boom pump/Concrete pump truck

Tunnel pump/Wet spraying machine/Mud pump

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Hunan vehicular stir a digging group

    Lao wang to find me,He was a builder's ordinary concrete,At the site for several years,A monotonous life every day,Year after year。Economic pressures increase year by year has made him feel a little out of breath。He found my purpose,

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LinuoC5(Now known as RichardV

The original linuoC5On-board mixing transportation all-in-one(2018In version has been upgraded to linuoV6On-board mixing transportation all-in-one)Old customer recognition,Contract is not sign a direct online payment,Thanks to yongzhou dao birthday any original for nearly four years of our group hunan digging engineering technology co., LTD. Of the trust and support

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