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Rosis intelligent co., LTD(简称:Rosis,Stock code:835778),Is a collection of intelligent system integration、Mobile Internet services、Intelligent products operating in an integrated science and technology enterprises。For“Wisdom city/Intelligence community”Development and construction to provide the corresponding products and services。

Based on the Internet of things,Integration“Hardware genes、Integrated genes、Service genes”,To go through“Endogenous iteration,Collaborative construction”The concept of development,Promoting the mobile Internet community comprehensive service platform construction;Combining with the management idea of resource sharing,Implement industry fusion,Formation of ecosystem intelligence community。Into wisdom city power industry development。

Focus on the industry for more than ten years,Continuous industrialization demonstration project was identified as national torch plan、Fujian province high and new technology enterprise、Technical trade enterprises in fujian province、Software enterprises in fujian province、Innovative enterprises in fujian province,And participate in fujian province led intelligent lighting engineering construction the local standard specifications and formed the national association of the first intelligent household and as association units。The company currently has51With the intelligent and other relevant software copyright patent。

Rosis follow“The creation of new life”The core of the concept。Stick to it“Self innovation、The demand for this、Knowledge sharing、The good faith is responsible for”The values for the society、Partner、Customers to provide quality products and services。To promote social development、Continuous efforts to improve the quality of life,Provides the high quality of urban wisdom life integration solutions。

  • Brand construction

    Assistant industry brand influence,As the Internet+ Times industrial intelligent premium to create a blueprint

  • Wisdom infrastructure

    The wisdom of the mature infrastructure services team,To promote industrial park with wisdom leads to the future

  • Platform services

    More solid platform services,Let the system hardware and efficient linkage,More intelligent platform feature。

  • Value-added service

    Based on the characteristics of industries or park,Provide professional operating system,Create a diversified value-added services

Cloud like al cloud platform

Integrated into the social、Mobile、Big data and cloud technology of the Internet+Platform,For the industrial park、The scenic area、Urban community、Hotels such as complex bring wisdom、Intelligent security、Energy saving energy、Operational service、Mobile operations、Scientific management and high-quality user experience。

  • Custom development

  • Operations management

  • Open platform

  • Data visualization

  • The linkage mechanism

  • Mobile operations

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The solution

  • Wisdom park

    The service entrance park construction of wisdom,Realize the user and the service connection and the high quality of cloud services,To promote overall image。

  • Intelligence community

    The wisdom of the community。It can realize wireless、Unmanned、No card of community property and efficient management。。

  • Intelligent household

    Intelligent scene mode,According to the requirements of residents,Provide easy and convenient for residents life intelligent home services。

  • Smart hotel

    Characteristics of the hotel guest control system improve the user experience。Strengthen the hotel brand。Hotel management system,Improve the efficiency of management can do more energy-saving。

  • Wisdom scenic spot

    And the scenic area touristIDIntegration the integration of consumer application solutions,Ticketing system,Mobile phone no,Security of the scenic spot,Enjoy the online multiple functions and applications。

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  • Benchmark examples

    Multiple intelligent project implementation,Provide solutions can be born

  • First-mover advantage

    Early in the development of intelligent systems,Multiple landing project and practice。

  • Focus on innovation

    13Years professional experience in intelligent building and hardware development,Innovative content platform。

  • Resource integration

    Industry alliance,Multi-dimensional integration of third-party devote resources to create high-quality service

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Business consulting

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United platform

Product design

Wisdom city globalization development trend,Focus on helping China industrial park、Embrace the Internet enterprise+;

The top design and consulting from the early stage of the planning、Fall to the ground and implementation plan、The product application development、Services platform to run,Provides the omni-directional the wisdom of the whole process from city community integrated solutions,Power industry and the enterprise comprehensive transformation and upgrade。

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Rosis intelligent co., LTD

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