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Linyi principal plastic products co., LTD(Linyi health was rope factory) Linyi principal plastic products co., LTD(Linyi health was rope factory)South Korea production equipment and quality testing equipment,Formed from the raw material to the finished product one-stop production capacity and technology。The main production network、Riprap string bag、Stone cage、Anti-ageing polypropylene rope、Diameter2-60mm的PP、PERound wire、Flat wire rope、Polyethylene bag network、The reticular tear film on the rope、Line、Bundle of straw rope and anti-aging polypropylene rope、Polyester cord、Blended rope, etc。Provide wholesale、Custom rope business network,Welcome all customers to visit、Negotiation。…… 【More

The enterprise value concept:Focus、Interaction、Cooperation、Innovation

Focus——Attitude to focus on learning new knowledge,With focus on insight into the market,Jump in "There are specialize in"的"Specialization"Realm。

Amplify the hour to the limit,Meet all changes with constanc,Do everything well,Give full play to initiative、Initiative and creativity,Have strong sense of responsibility,Every moment to zero and empty cup mentality to study,To learn faster than its competitors。

Interaction——Within the team,Brainstorm、To make each other,Realizes the real-time communication between employees and customers,Create a direct communication interface,Create a more efficient means of service

Cooperation——People-oriented,Take a long view,Cooperation is the source of interest,Cooperation is the parent of success。

With an open stance、The concept of sincerity,Win a valuable partner,

With cooperation is the source of interest,The principle of reciprocity and mutual benefit,Unity and cooperation。

Innovation——Advocates the spirit of innovation,Inspire innovative consciousness、Guide the innovation direction、Encourage innovation behavior、Improve innovation ability。Modest and knowledgeable、Constant pursuit to explore,In the enterprise of science and technology、Technology、Thought、Culture innovation。

 Linyi city principal plastic products co., LTD
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The enterprise culture
The enterprise value concept
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