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    Hubei embellish DE industrial group(简称“RD-G”)Is a collection of financial、Education、Overseas economic cooperation(Talent exchange、Field services)、Investment management、Real estate development、Property management、Development of agriculture、The diversification of hotel management industry in a body comprehensive enterprise group,Headquarters is located in wuhan city, hubei province,Owns10Home business units...

Hubei embellish DE industrial group chairman li's employment...


“Thank you for the Yangtze university's support and trust to me,In the future,I will try,For Japanese discipline construction and development,As well...

Hubei embellish DE industrial group chairman li with the lake...


    2019Years8Month26Day,Japan's Nagasaki prefecture government chungbuk and South Korea...

Embellish no.15 with Japan's growing the ja friendly cooperation...


       2019Years1Month23Day,Embellish DE...

Founded the government delegation to embellish DE group...


    7Month20Day,Founded in hubei province National People's Congress standing committee, deputy director of xiao-liang wu、Wu Xue...

Embellish DE industrial group chairman li a line call...


6Month23Number,Hubei embellish DE industrial group chairman li line,In Islamabad, Pakistan visited the Chinese embassy in Pakistan...

Wetting group wholly owned subsidiary of hubei's constant evolution...


    6Month3Monday morning,In embellish DE group and hubei province high and new industrial investment group co., LTD...

Embellish DE group chairman li in Yangtze university to participate...


    Should Mr From the Yangtze university vice-chancellor week for the invitation,Group chairman, Mr Li...

Industry structure
Field services

As in China and Japan the prestigious company,Embellish no.15 since start engaged in overseas business,Has been successfully sent ten thousand trainees,Is a national related departments approved by the management practices of foreign companies。

The quality of the hotel

Mochou lake international hotel is located in mochou lake side,Close to world-class cultural scenic spot obvious ling mountain side,This mountain,Advantageous geographical position,Overlooking the wide mochou lake,Can see in the Ming dynasty Kings lucky ling mountain charming scenery,To its diversified services and meet the different needs of customers high quality leisure culture space。

Financial investment

Embellish its financial services is with financial practitioners,To embellish DE small loans、Embellish DE pawn to tap,Build the top of the whole industry chain system of financial products in China,Range of wealth management、Multi-channel investment and financing、Emerging enterprise incubation and nurturing and other fields,To be the financial service innovation leader。

Vocational education

Embellish DE corp's education industry,In order to“Set up the foundation of humanism,To cultivate pillar of the society,Booster industry upgrade,To promote lifelong education”As the mission,Committed to become a leader in the field of vocational education in China。

Real estate development

Embellish DE real estate,Business covers real estate development、Assets management、Life service and other fields,With high quality products to build and life service industry leading position。In the future,Embellish DE land at will“The quality of real estate、Real estate brand、Property of conscience”The development tenet of guidance,Relying on the strength of embellish DE group,Let more people enjoy the beautiful buildings,The good life。

Property services

As embellish DE group subordinate enterprises,Embellish DE property(To raise)Will take realty service as the foundation,In order to service platform for medium,The wisdom of science and technology as the means,With delicate service as the core concept,Adhere to create the most humane property services community,Protect the interests of customers,Create more value for customers。

Group subsidiary



Hubei embellish DE industrial group

       Hubei embellish DE industrial group(简称“Embellish DE group”),Is a collection of investment management、Real estate development、Property management、Development of agriculture、The diversification of hotel management industry in a body comprehensive enterprise group,Headquarters is located in wuhan city, hubei province

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