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The release date:2013-4-20
      The advantages of a、Energy saving  Negative pressure oxygen-enriched combustion technology using more advanced,The coal burning full negative pressure fan can guarantee。Avoid uneven temperature of positive pressure combustion in an all-round way,Burning,The flue gas,Partial loss and so on to defect。Let the energy saving on starting point——Starting from the burn!Coal demand is compared with traditional heating method can save30%To the50%。After breeding lit stove heated directly,Heat energy utilization rate is extremely high。
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    Shandong yu yun sanhe machinery co., LTD. Is the production of ventilation cooling equipment-Negative pressure fan、Animal husbandry and fan、Wet curtain fan,Heating equipment-Breeding hot blast stove、Heating machine,Humidifying device-Wet curtain,Drying equipment manufacturers,Is the design、Production、The installation、Sales、After-sales service in a body's enterprise,All links are in accordance with strict standards or customer requirements for production、Detection。    The company is located in the booming one of the ancient kyushu——Shandong·Qingzhou,Cover an area of an area3Million square meters ...The detailed information
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           In recent years,In the animal husbandry and aquaculture,The suitable living environment is particularly important,No ventilation...
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    Maintenance should pay attention to three aspects of negative pressure fan:     The first,For the maintenance and maintenance of the machine 1 Disconnect the main power supply,Check whether the motor earthing line is good。...
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