Fujian Cody hutch defends co., LTD,Is located in the hometown of famous plumbing——Quanzhou nanan,Adjacent to the get a highway,From xiamen port20More minutes。Is a professional production of high-grade hutch defends hardware accessories、Bathroom faucet、Shower shower、Ceramic sanitary ware、The bathroom cabinets and other products professional enterprise。The company has passed the certification of water-saving products、ISO9001Quality management system certification、ISO14001Environmental management system certification, “KEDAH/Cody”Every moment to the pursuit of higher quality of the product that defend bath,Importance,Each piece of Cody hutch defends products are condensed the tiny link Cody people in fashion design、A quest for quality and meticulous care to customers。 The quality of the company to enjoy a human life is sacred mission,Form planning elite team,Study,Five years on the depth of modern people life quality and personalized needs of research analysis,Carefully developedKEDAH/Cody all series hardware sanitary ware goods,For the family to create a comfortable、Security、Human life that defend bath。At present, the widget has scale,Product variety is complete,Importance,Elegant style,Products sold throughout the country,Exported to Europe、The americas、Southeast Asian countries,Deeply domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise

Contact phone number:400-6907-998
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Fujian Cody hutch defends co., LTD,Specialize in Bathroom cabinet seriesPorcelainCeramic POTS、Basin of the postThe urinalThe water tankWater temperature seriesThe flower is aspersed seriesInduction series And so on,Please consult our interested customers,Contact phone number:400-6907-998

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