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Address:Austral in anyang city henan province north star month the bud Sally dongpeng ware is on the second floor

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Anyang jin yu building decoration engineering co., LTD,Is a anyang regionDecoration companyDecorate a companyDesign companyGive priority to group co., LTD,The family is decorated、Shop front door、Hotels、High-quality goods shelves、Customized wardrobe、Waterproof anti-corrosion、Advertising lighting and so on as one of the large regular decoration group;The company led by a registered trademark of decoration enterprise,The certificate is complete,Has an outfit and tooling department two departments,Since the company since its establishment,To undertake the eastern, 19、Beijing Lin issue of second phase、Local taxation bureau、The irs、Uptown mansion、Front courtyard、Huaqiang city, and other high-grade family is decorated in the community project;Wuqiao acrobatics ghost hand theater decoration、Handan huang ji achieves chain stores、The decree emperor club、The Evergrande floor project in hebei province、Henan province。

Anyang jin yu building decoration engineering co., LTDAnyang tooling are mainly:Anyang institute of technology、Anyang mobile company、Anyang intermediate court、Unicom company image storefront、St. source shopping plaza、Best quality shoes、Get togetherKTV、Such as Internet cafes,Are customer consistent high praise。

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