Liaocheng contemporary group

Hot liaocheng!8Month17Day,The contemporary·Luca manor grand circle dialogue lang activities

8Month17On the afternoon,Under the auspices of the contemporary group2019The new peak BBS and kinetic energy“Chat 茌 east”Triangle core summit headquarters base project in Cartier international conference center held a grand hotel,Liaocheng chamber of commerce fellowship association for the advancement of reputation...【For details

Contemporary international plaza

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      Contemporary international plaza is located in liaocheng development zone north of dongchang east road、Austral edom,The geographical position is extremely superior,The traffic is very convenient,Is bend force to build the city government headquarters、Trade base、Financial center,Attracted a large number of high-end companies together on this,Is the collection administration office、Cultural entertainment、Commercial exhibition、Financial business、Commercial office,Live life...【For details

Water in the north of the town

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      Jiangbei town project is water“Liaocheng city2013In key construction projects” ,Is to build liaocheng“One day the west mu hot spring,In the ancient city of water,East water in the north of the town”The key project of tourism industry structure。  The project is located in liaocheng economic development zone on the east side to the second ring road,Planning area4.12Square kilometers,Planning and construction land...【For details