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Mechanical processing:
Ordinary cars/Milling process
Sheet metal/Welding processing
CNC machinedCNC
5Axis machining center
Automated production/The assembly line
Automatic logistics line
Automatic clamp
Non-standard equipment
Pharmaceutical equipment:
Pharmaceutical machinery
Pharmaceutical machinery accessories
Non-standard equipment
Labeling machine:
Rotary automatic marking machine
Rotary automatic wet glue labeling machine
Wide rotary automatic labeling machine
Rotary automatic wet label labeling machine
Positioning labeling device

In the work---You are the most solid machinery manufacturing、Automation partners。
The condensation20Years of experience in machinery manufacturing,From our customers can see our strength:ABB、BRUNSWICK(Brunswick)、DOMINO(Domino)、TARGRAY(Very sharp)And so on。Successfully for automated assembly/Production equipment、Flexible fixture、Auto production line、High-end printing devices、High voltage electric、Marine fishery、Optical disc manufacturing、The bowling ball、Sports equipment to provide one after another successful sustained and effective precision machinery manufacturing、Form a complete set of automation solutions。
Mechanical processing services

In the machining industry,We have more than20Years of experience.For a range of material processing are skilled in the heart。Regardless of the number,Size and time of delivery,We are all according to your drawings,Your request,The idea of you produce the best quality products to you.Service workers in more than you can imagine... 

Pharmaceutical equipment
With the help of a20Years of experience in precision manufacturing,We explore on the drug production equipment,Strive to produce high speed stability and durability of the pharmaceutical equipment.


We see that your thought from your eyes. Work in the design is simple and convenient work environment for you. Your daily face complex challenges and hard work,As long as and work in the company,You won't be lonely.

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