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Hangzhou ou porch decoration engineering co., LTD
Hangzhou main European porch decoration engineering co., LTD:Hangzhou glass partition、Hangzhou glass partition manufacturer、Hangzhou single glass partition、Hangzhou factory glass partition、Hangzhou high partition、Hangzhou office building aluminum alloy glass partition、Hangzhou office partition、Hangzhou Venetian glass partition、Hangzhou partition of finished product、Hangzhou wood veneer partition, etc。From the company2005Years of research and development to fixed partition、Design、Production、Sales、The installation,Company introduction of foreign production、Manufacturing process and technology,And learn at home and abroad the latest design concept,Combined with the specific needs of the domestic market,Keep learning and development,Gradually formed with many independent development“Indoor partition”Series of products,Work closely with the design institute;Partition of product design with melamine product、The finished toughened materials such as various style glass wall into the module,In the layout、Color and surface texture, etc, always keep very fashion style of indoor。Have fire prevention moistureproof、Sound insulation resistance to shock、Resistance to acid and alkali、Antistatic、No crack、No deformation、Local linear and other functions。
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Aluminum alloy partition and partition of stainless steel

Partition is aluminum alloy aluminum alloy material as the main body frame,Be proper metope material combination and partition wall,Aluminium alloy material is rich,Diverse styles,Simple combination,Have more characteristics of adaptation

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