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The washing basket machine delivery

Jiangxi food factory ordering food baskets of washer is processed,Start shipping。The washing basket machine is suitable for all kinds of plastic crate,Food basket,Turnover basket clean decontamination,Cleaning machine is divided into three period of cleaning,A cleaning,The second period of cleaning,Three sections of cleaning。Adopt high bubble hot water bath to clean,Each cycle...

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Bean curd dryers simple introduction

Zhucheng sharp light machinery bean curd dryer made by stainless steel,According to customer requirements processing production。Bean curd dryer features below:1、Equipment specification(mm):According to the request(Field、Field、Production, etc)2、The heat source:Steam boilers,(...

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Our advantage

Company strength is abundant

The company product quality is guaranteed,Professional technical team、Excellent product quality,Lay the foundations for the advanced technology and new product development。

Solid scientific research strength

The company with its strong scientific research strength in the industry rapid rise,On the basis of full introduction of technology at home and abroad,Research and development products。

Advocate green environmental protection

The wind of the products of the company always adhere to the students in environmental protection,Walk the road of sustainable development concept,For the green environment unceasingly diligently

Perfect after-sale service system

Stick to it“The customer is supreme、The good faith is supreme、Attentively service、Be good To the best of beauty”The service idea,With excellent product quality and reliable technical service by the user's approval。
Company profile

Zhucheng sharp light machinery co., LTD is located in the shandong peninsula coastal open cities in the south、Is known as China“The hometown of the dinosaurs”Zhucheng,Adjacent to Qingdao economic and technological development zone,East of Qingdao port100Kilometers,South from rizhao port70Kilometers,Railway、Convenient highway。Zhucheng sharp light machinery co., LTD., specializing in the production of food processing equipment,The main products are fruit and vegetable washing machine,Clean vegetables processing line,Cleaning equipment,Pasteurization line,The birds、Meat thawing assembly line,Roots like peeling machine,Cooking、Filming for the blanching series,Air drying equipment,Drying equipment,Air shower,Frying equipment,Sterilization,Desalination、Desulfurization equipment,Mixing machine,Conveyor,Classifier,The dryer,Small furnace,Waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall,Vibrating screen,Hand washing tank and other food machinery equipment。Our company with advanced technology、Sophisticated processing and testing equipment,Manufacturing quality and reliable、Strict quality assurance system and perfect after-sales service,To win the more and more customers。Credit and sincerity is the wealth of the enterprise,We have to sincerely treat each or you will become our customers。Companies to follow“Take the quality as the root,With the good faith for this”Production management idea,Their feet on the ground have been developing steadily,For the majority of users to provide quality products and after-sales service,In line with“Doing fine、Do only、And stronger”Corporate goals,Force...

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Zhucheng sharp light machinery co., LTD(www.fafamei.cn) The main:Jujube cleaning equipment,Stainless steel inside air drying machine,Packing bag cleaning wind trunk,Stainless steel food dryer,The pasteurization machine of pickles

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