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About us

About us

Five until Texas air conditioning equipment company focused on new trend,Air purification machine,The whole heat exchanger,Low noise blower,The central self balancing new fan,PM2.5Behavior person production and sales,Suitable for housing、Internet cafe、Office accommodation、The school、The hospital、The gym、The hotel restaurant、The bank、The laboratory and so on。We is set research and development design,Production sales,Installation of after-sales service in the integration of fresh air system。Factory direct sale,The price is materially beneficial。Contact phone number:0534-2711611;15605340442...

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How to prevent the dangers of secondhand smoke?
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How to choose wall new trend person?
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The installationPM2.5Fresh air a person new trend person
Carbon monoxide,Gas to died a higher toxicity of indoor pollutants,Inside the bedroom...
How do fresh air ventilation should be in the air conditioning environment
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Energy conservation and environmental protection air person?
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The school has the advantages of installing new trend person who
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How can not open the window come in fresh air in the winter?
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Fresh air system can play an effective role in Internet cafes
People went to Internet cafes should know,Installation with fresh air system and no fresh air...

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