• Snack food series
    XiangYu leisure food,Olives、Olive dishes,Glycol when eating fresh fragrance,Jianwei appetizer,Endless aftertaste,Is the best condiment regular family hotel,更Is不可多得的礼赠佳品。
  • Olive tea
    Olive tea adopts the olive tree flowering buds on the incipient before making,Fresh green material,Is rich in water soluble active substances,Long-term drinking,With good health care function。One of them..
  • Olive wood crafts
    Selected from more than ten years。Whenever the olive tree grafting,Cut off the branches,Selection of exterior full branches are in processing、After grinding,The olive wood crafts,As a symbol of happiness..
  • XiangYu extra virgin olive oil
    Picked by hand、Select high-quality olive fruit,用意大利贝亚雷斯全自动设To prepare物理冷榨工艺,In the fruit after harvest8Hour period freshly squeezed。Mellow taste smooth,Is..
Longnan city wu district climate、The similarity between soil and Mediterranean,
With the world's top olive gold production zone(32° 58—33° 36)The annual average temperature is14.7℃,A long time
According to the hours1911.70Hours,An average annual rainfall400-900Mm...
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