Qingzhou century HaoXin machinery co., LTD is located in the famous historical and cultural city eastern qingzhou, one of the ancient states,Here, the geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient,Jiqing expressway,Jiaoji railway,309The national highway,Convenient traffic for the development of enterprises,Provides a unique condition。
   My company has a first-class base and advanced production equipment,By using the computer optimization design,Is one of the earliest production of small and medium-sized loader manufacturers in China,The main products areZL-08、ZL-10、ZL-12、ZL-15、ZL-18、ZL-20、ZL-26、ZL-28、ZL-36、ZL-50Type series loader、Grasp the mower、Grab wood machine。Main configuration...[In more detail]

Qingzhou century HaoXin machinery co., LTD

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