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Shun tong passenger——Your traveling nanny

Laohekou shun tong industry co., LTD is a station one road passenger transport enterprises,It happened55A large luxury passenger cars,38、30、20A medium-sized luxury passenger cars and7Buick commercial vehicles、5SeatSUVAnd luxury cars,All vehicle insurance is complete,After training of qualified personnel mount guard,Provide nanny travel service for you。

55Luxurious bus

Charter for half a day¥1500Throughout the day¥2,000Booking immediately

35Luxurious between China and Pakistan

Charter for half a day¥1200Throughout the day¥1,800Booking immediately

19Seat/25A stern test

Charter for half a day¥1200¥1,800Booking immediately

The commensuration rent

Along the commensuration platform for laohekou designated transport platform company is one of the two government,The company has luxurious commercial vehicles……

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Shun tong logistics

Shun tong logistics was established2017Years,Rural people is dedicated to provide you with the last kilometer of rural logistics service……

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Shun tong travel agency

Shun tong travel on bus car,Make travel distribution、Tourism product development、Personalized travel service……

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Shun tong testing station

Shun tong station was established2015Years,Inspection and testing station of laohekou only,Daily inspection vehicle200……

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Send a bus

Send bus companies provide transit services to citizens in the city,Company's existing passenger cars93Taiwan,The new energy……

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Send business hotel

Send business hotel to send bus company subordinate units,Hotel to sit in the three ring road next to the new one,The environment is exquisite,Clothing…

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Provide small vehicle environmental detection、Motor vehicle safety performance testing one-stop service,A charged one month free time

Ordinary truck three oneness(Ring、The security check、All inspection),Three tests to pay fee,Allows you to spend less、Less walk

The equipment is advanced、First-class service,With green line、Security line、All the inspection line2The article,A set of outer profile equipment,Practitioners20More than one

Inspection car phone booking:8229989

Send business hotel——The price of the people The high quality service

Send send bus group business hotel is passionate, build business type quick hotel,Using delicate decorate a style,The hotel standardLEDThe TV,The central air conditioning,24Hours of hot water,WirelessWiFiFull coverage,Provide free parking space。The hotel for the price of economic Settings allow you to experience the high quality service。Are you on business travel and tourism vacation ideal choice。

Deluxe big bed room

¥108UpBooking immediately

Standard room

¥118UpBooking immediately

Business suite

¥188UpBooking immediately
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