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Zaozhuang industrial development corporation to the far east 

Liu Changchang  13791437041

Address:Shandong zaozhuang.20 xuechengqu tao chong townMountain home Lin coal mine 

Company profile
Zaozhuang industrial development corporation was built in the far east1992Years,Is a company specializing in the production of mining hydraulic prop and accessories、Suspension hydraulic prop and accessories、Metal articulated roof beam and accessories、Conveying machine accessories、All kinds of forging processing and mould processing of foreign trade、Standard parts、The tram、Roller、Anchor、The casting、Sealing hole opener、High pressure spray pump、Dust collector、Comprehensive enterprise of sprinkling fire extinguishing installation, etc。In recent years, the scale of production expanded year by year,We have forging factory、Foundry、The repair factory、Standard parts factory、Ventilation instrument and meter plant、Far east trade six units,Each unit has the independent production conditions,Some existing production workshop51000Square meters,There are professionalMechanical processing equipment300余Taiwan,2Taiwan4Tons of casting furnace,8The forging production line,One of them1The article4000TForging production line,1The article8000TForging production line,Formed the advanced production equipment capacity of form a complete set to change production enterprise.........
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