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Innovation Courier bagsOEMThree layers co-extrusion,Create a Courier bags of fine products

Innovative packagingThe same bag,Not the same as inside

Decomposition of raw material

Many tests,Contrast,Select high-quality raw materials

Learn more about packaging materials
The production structure

The cost to buy advanced equipment,In order to ensure the size of the bag better and stability

To check the production process
Workshop production field

Before the production made after multiple tests and correct,Production from product testing at any time,Ensure product qualified referrals

Into the test zone
The strong degree

Innovation Courier bag pulling effect

To check the case

The country ordering hotline:13600150963

InnovationOEM OverweightHeat resistant to cold,Anti-throw tear resistance Is a good Courier bag necessary

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Show caseCourier bagsOEMCooperative application cases show

Into the innovation
Innovation profile

Guangdong innovation environmental protection new material technology co., LTD(Formerly known as:Heyuan city, innovative packaging technology co., LTD)Was established2015Years01Month,The park covers an area of20m,Building10000Square meters,Located in heyuan city, guangdong province source Long Ling city industrial park。 Innovation is a professional for logistics、Express delivery、Fresh、Electrical contractor、Shang chao deng industry provide packaging series solution provider。At present a main personalization Courier bags、Fresh fruit and vegetable bags、The cushion packaging material、Biological affinity packing material base and starch based environment。【To check the details】

The enterprise cultureBrand historyHonorary certificateOnline consultation
Shallow talkPEThe material of plastic bags
Shallow talkPEThe material of plastic bags1、PEFlat pockets for the simplest process,After the blown film by machine,To the above bag making machine cut into one bag,At the bottom of the seal。2、Valve bag is made of...
New materials Courier bags and what is the difference between reworked material Courier bags?
New materials Courier bags and what is the difference between reworked material Courier bags?New material Courier bags and reworked material Courier bags quickly distinguish:New materials Courier bags general color is white,Reworked material delivery sheet for ash、Black。
The advantages of plastic packaging film is introduced
The advantages of plastic packaging film is introducedPlastic packaging film is better than other materials packaging film membrane layer,This is a self-adhesive film,And other material of packaging film without this ability。Plastic material...

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