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The main products:Mechanical equipment、Environmental protection engineering、Nickel net production of complete sets of equipment、Dyeing and printing nickel screen、For the development of special nickel net etc series products、Manufacturing、Sales、Service in a body comprehensive enterprise。
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    Shen lian enterprise is a collection of mechanical equipment、Environmental protection engineering、Nickel net production of complete sets of equipment、Dyeing and printing nickel screen、The special nickel screen as well as a number of related products、Manufacturing、Sales、The post-sale service in a body comprehensive enterprise。Enterprise subordinate has yixing yixing city, shen lian machinery manufacturing co., LTD., and shen lian environmental protection textile equipment factory co., LTD。
    The company was established in1992Years,For more than 20 years,Always adhering to the enterprise“Strives for the survival by the quality、To promote the development of science and technology、In credit market、Increasing the benefits with management”The concept of development,According to the domestic and foreign advanced technology to keep pace with The Times、Constant innovation,Make our equipment nickel net industry to produce high mesh、High opening rate of nickel net is better choice。Nickel net production of complete sets of equipment in the domestic market share90%The above,With shandong、Jiangyin tianma、Jiangyin tianyu、Jiangyin nickel net co., LTD., such as dozens of nickel net enterprise to build the cooperation relationship。In addition,The company also has the production of various kinds of form a complete set of machinery and equipment、Environmental protection equipment and non-standard equipment of the technical team and after-sales team。At the same time,The company is domestic production enterprises are special rotary screen,Formulated the industry standard spunlace nickel net,Can be customized according to customer's requirements、Design all kinds of cylinder。Company products are exported to Japan、South Korea、Egypt、In Indonesia、Countries such as Nigeria。
    In recent days,Industrial cooperative association of jiangsu province machinery equipment management center commissioned by the department of environmental protection in jiangsu province“Jiangsu province the moving road engineering machinery emission investigation and registration work”And cooperate with the environmental protection department and carry out public welfare propaganda work。“Jiangsu province road mobile engineering mechanical discharge survey and registration”Work,In2016Years8On startup,At the same time set up in jiangsu province road mobile engineering machinery environmental emissions survey and register leadership team and the city working group。Mobile is mainly responsible for the road construction machinery discharge survey parameter set up and organize the implementation of specific registration work。Investigate registration staff by industry association of jiangsu province machinery equipment management center business training,In the region of excavator、Loader、Backhoe loader、Forklift truck、A bulldozer、Grader、Roller、Paver、According to the type of milling planer and other construction machinery products、The manufacturer、The factory date、Engine model and related information to investigate registration,And paste for registration of mechanical equipment“The road mobile machinery environmental protection registration”Mark。