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Detergent(The removal of rust remover)
The corrosion scale inhibitor
Metal membrane preparing in advance
Algae fungicidal
The oil cleaning agent(Strong dispersants)
Pug stripping agent
Neutralizing agent
Aluminium cleaner
Frozen water protectant
Copper corrosion inhibitor
All kinds of industrial water treatment agent
Industrial environmental cleaning agent
Sewage treatment agent
The central air conditioning cleaning and maintenance
Industrial equipment cleaning and maintenance
Circulating water treatment projects
Dongguan Jin Quanshui processing technology co., LTD
China address:Dongguan city in guangdong province
Shek kwu dragon road south street9Number
Hong Kong address:Central, Hong Kong wei zero
122-126Wei huang building
The business of the country:15382822699 Miss o
    (Dongguan city, guangdong province)
Dongguan business:15382822699 Miss o
The service hotline: 400-001-3633
The electricity     Words: 0769-85320699
Pass     The true: 0769-85320366

    Dongguan Jin Quanshui processing technology co., LTD is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong jinquan international group,Located in guangdong dongguan south Goldman science park,简称“Dongguan Jin Quanshui processing company”。Belong to environmental protection high-tech enterprises,Since2009Since the company has always been to protect the environment、Save water、Energy saving;Company setsWater treatment agent、Industrial environmental cleaning agent series products、Series of products such as water treatment products in industrial wastewater treatment, such as environmental protection water treatment products。Foreign set engineering service、The sales department、Development department、Information consultation center, sales and service agencies。 

Main business:Central air conditioning clean water treatment、The central air conditioning cooling towers cleaning and maintenance、Injection molding machine circulating water system cleaning and maintenance、Circulating cooling water treatment engineering、Fan coil cleaning、Clean the condenser、The cleaning and maintenance of air compressor circulating water system and other industrial equipment cleaning and maintenance of circulating water system, etcEngineering projects。

    Companies to follow"Strives for this、Sincere letter"The operating principles,In line with"The good faith、Quickly、Professional、Considerate"The service tenet,To provide customers with circulating water system design、The construction、Water quality detection、When water quality maintenance formula selection、The water quality and the analysis of scaling samples;At the same time, relevant training of professional and technical personnel for the enterprise、Its cleaning membrane, and a full range of water treatment technology services such as on-site guidance。Help enterprises to achieve the goal of environmental protection and energy saving,To achieve sustainable development,For the enterprise to provide technical optimization of equipment maintenance,Provides the decision-making basis for the development and market guidance。

    Dongguan Jin Quanshui processing company established a complete customer files,To facilitate the customers perfect service tracking,Relevant technical information and services at any time convenient for the customer。Let the water treatment engineering science、Standard service,Implementation of enterprise equipment low cost operation,The purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection。

“Good faith for this,Scientific work"Is our eternal purpose!

Jin Quanshui processing for your agent series

WH-501Precision water system cleanerDetergent,Air conditioning cleaning agent,Scale and rust cleaning, Central air-conditioning cleaning, Derusting descaling in circulating water system, Industrial water treatment agent,

                              Circulating water system scale, The water tower cleaning tank cleaning, Pipeline cleaning 。 

WH-502Metal in advance:Membrane tube, Protect the pipes, Enhance the capacity of pipeline to scale against rust, Maintenance of the pipe, Prolong the service life of pipelines, Reduce unnecessary spending by businesses

WH-503Efficient water treatment agent:Anti-scaling rust and corrosion inhibitor,The corrosion scale inhibitor, Air conditioning water tower tank maintenance agent,To strengthen the system resistance, Fast and efficient maintenance system

WH-504Neutralizing agentNeutral ph,Ensure water quality standard operation,Adjust the water qualityPHValue

WH-505Algae fungicidal series:Algae fungicidal,Remove the bacteria,Moss green algae,Protection system the environment clean,System no longer blockage and corrosion

WH-506Aluminium cleanerClear grey scale dirt on the surface of the aluminum equipment scale and rust,Take pressure off air conditioning, To people's health, Energy conservation and environmental protection to reduce power consumption

WH-508The oil cleaning agentHeavy oil cleaning agent, Removal of mechanical and electrical、Mechanical heavy oil stains

WH-509Frozen water protectantProtection of air conditioning、Industrial refrigeration unit frozen water system, Safety has no corrosion

WH-510Copper corrosion inhibitorIn view of the copper equipment、Circulating water system,Prevention、Cleaning rust scale, Scale corrosion

WH-520Pug stripping agentAsh, dust removal of the mud,Clean and environmental protection,Remove the pipe,The water tower、Pool and dirt

Jin Quanshui processing concept:"Less cleaning,Heavy maintenance",To be cleaned once a year,Preparing membrane,A week to do maintenance。


Water treatment effect on the service life of equipment:

1、The host:Not for water treatment is available11.2Years,After water treatment is available16.4Years,Extended5.2Years;

2、The cooling tower:Not for water treatment is available9.9Years,After water treatment is available12Years,Extended2.1Years;

3、The wind ark:Not for water treatment is available7.9Years,After water treatment is available13.3Years,Extended5.4Years。

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