Qingdao LiangBang is no negative pressure water supply equipment,So the heat exchange unit,Wells frequency conversion water supply equipment,Drain well,Sewage lifter,Enamel diaphragm tank, etc.

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Effective cleansing of small flow pressure technology、The overlying technology,Power saving than similar products10%The above,And get the patent。

Special low noise operation technology,Noise lower than similar products3A10Db,And get two patents。

With pipeline overpressure protection function,In the aspect of the system hardware and software to set up the double protection。

Steady flow of stainless steel tank and pipeline in LiangBang patent enamel processing,Weld with stiffener,Greatly enhance the corrosion resistance,Prolong the service life than similar products5-10Years。

Integrated application of many kinds of control ways,Greatly reduce the impact on the network,Protect the equipment and pipe network,Particularly suitable for the top。

Humanized design,The operation is simple,Be clear at a glance,Powerful functions,Fault storage and remote alarm、SDFFuzzy control technology、Variable pressure and double frequency conversion control technology、Regular exchange。

Products comply withGB/T26003-2010Standard,And has no negative pressure water supply in the industry through the detection of enterprises。

Complete sets of equipment and its accessories such as vacuum suppressor、Preloading type without negative pressure compensator、The inclined wire type through the filter、The check valve、Water pump such as shock absorber for patents。

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Qingdao LiangBang water supply equipment co., LTD

— A brief introduction LiangBang water supply —
  Qingdao LiangBang water supply equipment co., LTD is located in the beautiful coastal city-Qingdao,Is a collection of scientific research and development、Design、Manufacturing、Sales、The installation、Debugging service is a body comprehensive high-tech enterprises,The company has a perfect design、Development、Testing and product manufacturing capacity,PassedISO9001Quality system certification、ISO14001Environment system certification、OHSAS18001(ISO4500...

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Congratulations to our company and won a patent for utility model

Congratulations to our company and won a patent for utility model
  My company independent research and development of new type heat exchanger won the national utility model patents。The utility model can effectively solve the traditional plate heat exchanger units exist in the thermal efficiency is low,The high failure rate,The late maintenance costs,To the residents' life、Factory production brings great inconvenience, etc...
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  • Q  What is stainless steel water tank cleaning method?
  • Answer  1、Close the inlet valve,Open the valve outlet,The water tank in the water is clean;2、Through the ladder into the tank;3、With a clean mop or cloth to clean water tank surrounding and the bottom。At the bottom of the scale...
  • Q  What is stainless steel water tank production process?
  • Answer  1、As long as the machines needed to weld stainless steel water tank:Computer pulse seam welding machine,Semi-automatic rolling machine,Spot welding machine,Plasma cutting machine,Electric scissors;2、Welding stainless steel water tank bracket need machines,Electric welding...
  • Q  Stainless steel water tank what are the applicable scope?
  • Answer  All kinds of industries、Civil construction water supply、Hvac,Fire protection system; Food、Drink、Wine brewing、Water treatment industry;Medicine、The oil、The chemical industry;Flexible、Reasonable shape design can be suitable...
  • Q  What is stainless steel water tank maintenance steps?
  • Answer    Stainless steel water tanks to protect the small doohickey of stainless steel water tank are products of the popularity of a new generation of water tank,It compared with other tanks,There are light in weight、Corrosion resistance、Resistance to high temperature、High strength, etc,In order to can...