We provide high quality service
  • The primary service
    UEThe prototype design,UIInterface design
  • Senior services
    APPDevelopment,WeChat development,Web development
  • Premium services
    Product promotion,The solution
Provide you with high qualityCTO
  • Gold jiing
    Good at intelligent hardwareAPPDevelopment,Four yearsIOSDevelopment experience
  • Zhang lei
    The product manager,11Years working experience in senior Internet products
  • Li Shiwan
    Senior architect,Experienced architecture of high concurrency
  • Ming-jie huang
    The product manager,Good at electrical business class,WeChat interaction
  • Zhang Linghui
    Senior technical director,Lead the team to develop a number of large products
  • Wang Rongjie
    Senior project manager,For the design、Project management、The test has a wealth of experience
CTOThe responsibility of the
  • To form a team

    You recommend for high-quality team

  • Make a plan

    Planning the project schedule,Within the prescribed time to complete the project

  • Risk assessment

    Project plan to ensure that the technical difficulties to conquer

  • Quality assurance

    High quality of delivery within the prescribed time

Provide you with high qualityCTO
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