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Xi 'an new air circulating system

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Xi 'an new air circulating system won the new and high technology industries
Committed to provide solutions for indoor air quality problem
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Six heavy epidemic prevention Seamless purificationXi 'an new air circulating system original six grade filter heavy epidemic prevention system,The speed of light, in addition to formaldehyde,Instant kill germs,From the source to eliminate all kinds of disease
99%Formaldehyde/TVOCRemoval rate99.8%PM2.5Purification rate97%PM2.1Purification rate99.2%Bacteria、Virus removal rate
  • At the beginning of efficient filter

    Xi 'an air system USES concave and convex type honeycomb structure,Reduce drag and increase more let dust,The filtering hair、MAO flocculant、Large particles

  • Effect of antibacterial filter

    Use antibacterialanti-bacteriaThree-dimensional hollow fiber andLow Melt FibreThe collection,High volume、Elasticity is dye-in-the-wood,FilteringPM10The particles can be up to above99%。

  • Dual pressure ion wind electrostatic integrator

    Optimization of dust collection plate problems,Expand the ionization,Rapid capture the particles in the air,The unique dual voltage technology,Cooperate with aluminum honeycomb ozone decomposition,Ozone can be almost in control0The degree of。

  • EfficientHEPAThe filter

    The United States3MAntibacterial net,Chemical protective layer and the active carbonH11Efficient levelHEPAMesh perfect combination,Efficient filtering germs,Peculiar smell。In addition toPM2.5Efficiency99.99%,In addition toPM0.3Efficiency99.5%。

  • Photocatalytic disinfector

    By the high adhesion of nanoscaleTiO2Collocation aerospace aluminum and high strength double wavelengths254NanoUVPlant construction,Instant kill e. coli、Staphylococcus aureus、Candida albicans and other kinds of harmful bacteria。

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About datang fresh air About Us
Fresh air system is in xian xian datang air environmental equipment co., LTD. Integrates production and sales integration focusing on the health of air handling a xi 'an central air conditioning。Xi 'an team in the fresh air system10In new wind industry,2013Make the first worldwidepm2.5Digital display air purification machine,Effect is higher than peers twice recognised by industry and consumers in the market。Xi 'an datang air has the fresh air system category products hanging fresh air system6Paragraph,Cabinet fresh air system8And ceiling air system9Paragraph。The r&d team26People,With fresh air purification patent13Items,Software copyright15A number of。
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  • The main components of the haze is fine particles,Including man-made pollution emissions of dust、Nitrogen oxides、Hydrocarbons、Sulfur dioxide、Organic peroxide、Ozone, etc,Haze weather, as a kind of environmental pollution and even environmental disaster,The harm is multifaceted。
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  • The weather is hot and cold,The room is closed,Open air conditioning dizzy,What to do?
  • The temperature of the air conditioning room and outdoor temperature difference,Hot and cold is very easy to heat stroke or dizzy。
Xi 'an new air circulating system successful cases
  • Fresh air oasis500A、Breathing a treasureDoor area:The lounge/42Square meters
    The system configuration:Fresh air oasis500A、Breathing a treasure
  • Fresh air oasis500A、The treasure two breathingDoor area:The conference room/120Square meters
    The system configuration:Fresh air oasis500A、The treasure two breathing
  • Fresh air oasis500A、Fresh air oasis300A、Treasure three breathingDoor area:Four rooms two hall/180Square meters
    The system configuration:Fresh air oasis500A、Fresh air oasis300A、Treasure three breathing
  • Fresh air and green land500sA、The treasure two breathingDoor area:Two rooms two hall/110Square meters
    The system configuration:Fresh air and green land500sA、The treasure two breathing
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Fresh air system installed in the kindergarten to solve the air qualityThe season of autumn winter change garments according to the transition,A cold nose in the kindergarten children phenomenon gradually increased,