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About honor
About honor

Surplus steel structure company comprehensive strength is abundant,Is the collection steel sales、Construction steel structure design、Processing production and construction installation of one-stop private enterprises...

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Glory of steel structure at home and abroad with the most advanced design software and the corresponding equipment,Can meet a variety of forms、All kinds of structure type of steel structure engineering design...

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Certificate of honor
Certificate of honor

To go throughISO9001Quality system certification,ISO14001Environmental management system certification,OHSMS18001Professional environmental health system certification。...

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  • Design services
    According to the customer and the construction unit of construction project preliminary design scheme is formed;The drawings of the design phase,Detailed processing to the original design,At this time the drawings including arrangement、The node structure, etc,At the same time including processing figure;...
  • Production ability
    The company from the scheme design and optimum combination,To the construction、Art figure、The installation diagram are processed by a computer to complete。Now has all kinds of professional and technical personnel100More than 1。With the most advanced design software and the corresponding equipment at home and abroad,...
  • Logistics capability
    The company sets for self-use logistics transport sector,With the different type transport vehicle10余台,Drivers、Vehicles, etc. All hold the card mount guard。Reasonable choice according to the steel structure component size distribution vehicle,Scheduling flexibility,One to one service,...
  • After-sales service
    Companies always follow the service concept of after-sales service is higher than the previous,Late warranty service for steel structure work timely tracking and docking。Listen to the customers valuable advice,Scientific and reasonable solution is put forward,...
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Huizhou rong surplus steel structure co., LTD Huizhou steel steel structure co., LTD

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Steel structure building development direction
Steel structure building is a new kind of building system,Through the real estate industry、The construction industry、Industry line between the metallurgical industry,Set to become a new industry system,This is the personage inside course of study generally bullish on steel structure building system。   Steel structure compared with the traditional concrete building,With replacing the steel plate reinforced concrete,Higher strength,Vibration resistance is better。And because the artifacts can be factory production,On-site installation,Thus greatly reduce the construction period。As a result of the steel can be reused,Can greatly reduce construction waste,More green environmental protection,Which are widely used in countries around the world,Used in industrial and civil buildings
Building structure types
Steel structure is composed of steel material structure,Is one of the main building structure types。Structure is mainly made of steel and steel joist steel、Steel column、Steel truss component composition and so on,And USES the silicon alkylation、Pure manganese phosphating、The washing to dry、Galvanized rust removing rust process, etc。Weld is required between each component or components、Bolt or rivet connection。Because of its weight is lighter,And simple construction,Widely used in large factory、Venues、Tall, etc。   Is the feature of high strength steel、Light weight、Stiffness on the whole、The deformation ability,Is used to build large span and super high、Particularly suitable for super-heavy buildings;For and the material homogeneity