2017Yearsag亚游End of pharmaceutical management conference
Varieties of eye drops
Varieties of ointments
Solid agent varieties
ShuiZhenJi varieties
Exclusive characteristic varieties
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    Changchunag亚游Pharmaceutical co., LTD. Was established in1997Years11Month,Mainly engaged in proprietary Chinese medicine、Chemical research and development、Production and sales,Is the jilin province high and new technology enterprise、GMPCertification enterprises。For company's registered capital5343.24Ten thousand yuan,By the end of the2016At the end of the company's total assets2.28One hundred million yuan,Net worth2.08One hundred million yuan。
    The company is located in the beautiful spring city changchun north,Site is located in the torch high-tech industrial development zone1105Number,Covering an area of nearly27000Square meters,GMPWorkshop and a building area of about12000Square meters。
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Compound bear bile eye drops
Myopic eye drops
芐 lysine eye drops
Ointment were
Good heart ketone dropping pill
Liver hydrolysis peptide injection
Uct injection
Bone peptide injection
Adenosine cyclophosphate meglumine

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