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  • Chongqing embellish tome of agricultural development co., LTD. Is a private joint-stock enterprises,Focus on agricultural projects planning and design、Investment advisory、Ecological restaurant、Greenhouses、Water-saving irrigation、Agricultural machinery equipment、The design of garden flowers modern agricultural facilities such as research and development、Production sales、After-sale installation in an integrated modern agricultural high-tech enterprises。

    The company has engaged in greenhouse industry elite management team for many years、Technology research and development team、Warehousing and production base。And on the chongqing academy of agricultural sciences、Southwest university in modern facility agriculture...

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  • We are all ordinary people,Do special things together,And as a professional team to survive、Seeks the development、Win respect。Based on this,Embellish of agriculture receives“Profession、The team、Complement each other、Win-win situation”Talent concept,Human resource policies reflected below:

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