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   Hall is a collection of medicine and health supplies、Health food、Cosmetics for special research and development、Production、Sales in the integration of large-scale pharmaceutical group co., LTD,Currently has the Hong Kong economy hall big pharma co., LTD,Nanyang economic life hall industry co., LTD,Zhengzhou to life …
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·Dhi raw guangzhou characters will be a happy ending!
·Dhi born beauty hall of guangzhou fair a complete success!
·Dhi hall scar gel stick,To break“Once you have scar,For life
·Dhi hall compound aloe vera gel,Umbrella for healthy skin!
·With it,Your pain be saved!
·YiJie to be bestowed favor on newly,Quietly on the market!
·Guangzhou under the fireworks in March!Dhi tasting hall sincerely invite you together3
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· Dhi hall2017Grand China merchantsNO.1!
· Dhi hall—The focus of all kinds of skin care20Years!
· Warmly celebrate the nanyang economic hall industrial co., LTD's official website
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