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   The great river of jurong waterproofing companyTEL:18913403119 Jiang Jingli,Formal registration Invoice!Professional to undertake building roof waterproof as a whole、The basement、Garage to the kitchen、The balcony、The slope surface、Civil air defense projects、Swimming pool road and other kinds of size of waterproof engineering!
     The waterproof of jurong--Professional waterproof experts
     We can solve your all of waterproof construction and the selected material of incurable diseases。Free for the construction site and prospecting、Declare the construction price、The construction technology plan formulation。The construction quality of waterproof project,According to the customer the selected materials3--5Years quality warranty,During the warranty period for once a year of free maintenance and quality review system by the user。Waterproof project is completed,Provide the waterproof construction quality warranty contact CARDS,As the warranty certificate,Shall be implemented for construction quality tracking service。
  We will serve you wholeheartedly, Create a bright new tomorrow!
The great river of jurong waterproof engineering co., LTD---Professional team Attentively service!
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Address:Jurong city development zone in the gardenB1Building

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