• Eight is unified

    Unified portal

    Unified organization structure

    Unified identity authentication

    Unified authorization

    Unified application management

    Unified message

    A unified interface

    The unified data analysis

  • Platform management

    Enterprise WeChat


    Small program

    The public


  • The two engines

    Data engine

    Search engine

  • Cross-platform compatible

    The desktop

    Mobile platform compatible


    LiunxPlatform cross-platform deployment

  • Based on theSOAArchitecture

    Light the front end

    Heavy background

    A better user experience

    Flexible to address enterprise needs change

  • The whole platform adapter

    Pure browser application,Zero to the client,Can fit inPC,Android,IOSEquipment such as platform。

  • Focus on the mobile business

    Focus on the process management on mobile,According to the characteristics of the mobile terminal equipment to develop。

  • Comply withWfMCStandard

    A standard interface,With the capacity and the third party system docking。

  • Visual intuitive operation

    Graphical,Visualization,Straight pull straight pull,Complete the process quickly path and form rendering。

  • More concise,It is more convenient

    The interface is beautiful,More human,Intelligent identification data automatically filled in。

  • Based on theSOAArchitecture

    Service oriented architecture development,Modular development,Improve packaging resolution, heterogeneity of convenience。

  • Multiple database support

    SupportSQLOrMySql,ORACLEAs a mainstream database system such as data storage medium。

  • Local service support

    From the solutions to the operational project whole life cycle of a more localized services。

  • Big data center platform

    Comprehensive solving multiple vendors,Multiple business system,Data cross,Heterogeneous data、Data cannot be Shared、Service lock、One-way data center,The data into a data dump,Data assets without attention,Don't know the value of data assets。

  • Diversity、Comprehensiveness

    Many business systems,The data structure,Data storage methods,Big、Comprehensive、Fine、Real-time data center。

  • Construction of seven steps,Full life cycle management

    The construction of infrastructure,The establishment of a data center,The core application into the data center,The original application into the data center,New application into the data center,The scientific research、Big data business,Analysis、Insight、Decision making,Informatization construction standards。

  • Many business scenarios analysis

    User portrait、Public opinion analysis、Alarm comprehensive behavior、Student behavior analysis、Visual data analysis、Adjust business decisions。

To use200+Fast through various application scenarios

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  • Distribution system

  • Order system

  • Step gauge little helper

  • Document management

  • Enterprise knowledge library

  • Meeting management

  • The digital library

  • Corporate news

  • Sign up activities

  • Attendance

  • The meeting assistant

  • Employee care

  • Learning platform

  • Enterprise knowledge library

  • Corporate news

  • The digital library

  • IC card prepaid phone

  • Schedule the query

  • Results the query

  • Water power grid top-up

  • Alumni donations

  • The lost and found

  • The flea market

  • Campus news

  • School calendar

  • WeChat attendance

  • The topic of wall

  • Meeting management

  • Visiting appointment

  • Public cluster number

  • Document management

  • Business contacts

  • The portal

  • WeChat wall

  • Seal identification

  • Employee care

  • Employee identification

  • Express assistant

  • Enterprise cloud disk

  • Enterprise email

  • The schedule

  • Feedback

  • Corporate recruiters

  • Mobile customer service

  • Face recognition

  • The meeting assistant

  • Talent pool

  • Leave management

  • Sign up activities

  • The questionnaire survey

  • Fault repair service

  • Official cars

  • The process engine

  • Attendance

  • Ask for leave on a business trip

  • To-do center

  • Task management

  • The restaurant service

  • Companies pay

  • Article wages

  • IC card prepaid phone

  • Water power grid top-up

  • Alumni donations

  • The custom payment

  • Mobile ticketing

  • Small express

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