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    Chicken habitat bridge wine industry co., LTD. Has a long history。From micro shells child home kitchen liu find chicken spring wine until now,More than three thousand years history of brewing。Posted by liu seed daisan prince li, There is tang clear huang lung-chi lee has given name“Tang Gongyue”,To the qing qianlong chicken habitat bridge 32 years old“Henderson wine-press”Has been formed《Tang Gongyue wine by slightly》And《Tang Gongyue wine brewing and the secret method》System theory of system theory,Until early 1952, just been taken over by a border LuCheng distillery had at that time,In 1974 to change the border region distillery had established state LuCheng county wineries,200Restructuring for six years now the company is located in three provices JinJiYu known as“Many businessmen drought horsehead”Reputation of ancient town……【In more detail
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