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(electrical and mechanical co., LTD is located in wenling city of zhejiang province show prosperity、Civilization、The beautiful coast of the east China sea---Possessing。The company is a professional engaged in motor design and sales,And has a strong research and development ability and manufacturing ability,Main production products are conveying machinery、Packaging machinery、Food machinery、Textile machinery...

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  • Factory direct saleYS7132 750WThree-phase asynchronous motor/Ac three-phase motor2Electric motor

  • Manufacturers wholesaleYS7144Show the motor0.75KWThree-phase asynchronous motor380VAc motor

  • Factory direct saleYS7134-550WAll the copper wire aluminum shell three-phase asynchronous motor BiaoLi horizontal motor

  • YS7124Three-phase asynchronous motor370WThe copper aluminum shell motor horizontal level 4380VAc motor

  • 250WAll new copper aluminum shell motorYS7114Three phase380VMotor vertical gb brushless motor

  • Show factory direct sale5IK120RGN-CFMicro geared motor120WSingle phase speed regulating motor220V

  • SupplyYS6334Three-phase ac induction motor380VMotor induction motors0.25KWAluminum shell motor

  • Show shi120WGb aluminum shell motorYS6314Three-phase asynchronous motor380VAc vertical motor

  • Pin factory aluminum shellYS90S2-2Extremely1.5KWThree-phase asynchronous motor/The motor/Ac motor380V

  • YS8014/550WThree-phase asynchronous ac motor380VGb full copper motor vertical aluminium shell

  • Show factory direct saleYS8012 750WThree-phase ac induction motor380VThe copper aluminum shell motor

  • Show shi370WAluminum alloy wire all gb three-phase asynchronous motor speed regulating motorY26344General motors

  • Wholesale high efficiency three-phase asynchronous motorYS7122-550W2National standard pure copper energy-saving aluminum shell motor

  • YS6312 180WThree-phase asynchronous motor The copper aluminum shell motor 2Level380VAc motor

  • Manufacturers selling show shiRVThe turbine worm reducerRV090Reducer motor quality assurance for a year

  • Manufacturers selling show shiNMRV063Aluminum alloy worm gear and worm gear motor

  • Show its supplyNMRV050Aluminum alloy worm gear and worm gear motor low noise vertical installation

  • Factory direct saleRVSeries reducerNMRV150The turbine worm reducer aluminum shell reducer gear

  • Factory direct sale show turbine worm reducerNMRV130Single reduction machine aluminum alloy gearbox

  • Factory direct saleRVSeries reducerNMRV110Single stage turbine worm reducer aluminum shell reducerRV

  • Factory direct saleRVSeries reducerNMRV063The turbine worm reducer aluminum shell reducer gear

  • Show factory direct saleYS8022 1.1KWThree-phase ac induction motor380VThe copper aluminum shell motor

  • Fully automatic washing machine special waterproof motor250WThree-phase asynchronous motorYS6334The copper aluminum shell motor

  • Manufacturers wholesaleWPWDTWorm gear and worm reducer WPIron shell series worm gear and worm reducer

  • Factory direct sale show aluminum alloy motor bracket40W-250WHorizontal gear motor bracket fixed bracket

  • Boring and milling head head milling power head CNC special motor power headYS8034 1.1KW B14

  • Supplies wholesaleYS6324/180WThree-phase asynchronous motor vertical ac motor motor manufacturers selling

  • YS7134 550WThe milling head special motor Three-phase asynchronous aluminum shell motor B14Vertical

  • Show its motor manufacturer wholesaleYS90L4Three-phase asynchronous motor1.5KWAc aluminum shell motor380V

  • Special washing machine washing machine motor180WVertical motor motor three-phase asynchronous motorYS6324

  • YL8014 Single phase550W 220VThe electric motor All copper gb single-phase asynchronous motor 220V

  • Manufacturers wholesaleYL7124/370WSingle-phase aluminum shell motor220VHousehold electrical ac motor copper

  • Single phase220VAluminum shell motor Gb full copper asynchronous motor YL7114 250W B5 B14

  • Y2100L1-4Three-phase asynchronous motor2.2KWAc motor motor gb full copper motor

  • YY6322 250W 2Level 2800Single-phase aluminum shell motor220V The single capacitance asynchronous speed regulating motor

  • YL90L-2Level 2800Single-phase asynchronous motor 220VAc motor 2.2KWSpeed regulating motor

  • 1.5KW 2Single phase motor YL90S-2Vertical single-phase asynchronous motor 2800The copper motor

  • 550W 2Level 2800Single-phase asynchronous motor 220VAc motor YL7122 0.55KW

  • 370W 2Grade aluminum shell motor YL7112Single-phase asynchronous motor Communication220VAdjustable speed motor

  • 550WAc motorYY8014Single-phase capacitor asynchronous motor gb copper aluminum shell motor motor

  • YY6324Single-phase asynchronous motor220VAc motor motor180WVertical household electrical copper

  • Show the mechanical and electrical supplyY2100L2-4Three-phase aluminium shell motors3KWAll copper motor vertical communication

  • YY7112 370WVertical full copper aluminum shell motor2Level two horses for motor single-phase asynchronous motor

  • YS7144 750WThree-phase asynchronous motor milling power head special aluminum shell motor B14Vertical

  • 25WGear motor

  • 25W-250WOptical axis gear motor

  • 40W-160WGear motor

  • 120WGear motor

  • 160WGear motor

  • 200WGear motor

  • 100W-1500WVertical reducer motor

  • 200W-400WΦ22Gear motor

  • 750WGear motor

  • 25WBrake motor

  • 100W-1500WBrake motor

  • Gear box

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