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Magnetic powder clutch manufacturers

Inside the hollow rotary magnetic powder brakeYS-B2

Performance:A wide range of、High precision of torque control;High-performance magnetic powder make the drive to achieve an ideal state,The use of long time also can maintain stable performance; Exothermic effect is good,Heat capacity is big...
Magnetic powder brake manufacturers

Hollow out magnetic powder clutchYS-A1

Performance:A smooth link with the brake,With buffer effect of the structure of the power connected swimmingly、The brake。Enhance the mechanical durability;Different from dry friction,So that the work does not produce noise...
Magnetic powder brake manufacturers

Biaxial magnetic powder clutchYSC

Structure:Brake by coil,Fill in the filler material of stator and the electrode units。Model is a simple installation,Can be easily installed on the existing machinery need to stop、Such as fixed shaft end...
Tension controller manufacturers

The manual tension controllerKTC002

Performance:With the output precision is high、Good reliability、The operation is simple、Easy installation。
Applications:Printing、Food packaging、Film slitting machine、The compound、Magnetic powder on the wire and cable machinery...
Tension controller manufacturers

YS-DSleeve type electromagnetic away

Performance:Magnetic is excellent;Stability、Antioxidant...
Applications:High torque、High slip of magnetic powder clutch、Brake;Applied to the brake and clutch,Metal powder is usually added to the friction products to increase the heat transfer...
Magnetic powder brake manufacturers

Hollow out magnetic powder brakeYS-B1

Structure:Consists of three parts,The stator coil,Fill in the filler material of the rotor、With the filler material of friction electrode unit,And,With the right positioning、Combination,Form a magnetic circuit...
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